A lot of amazing places in the world are hidden gems, either because it’s difficult to get to them or they are too out of the way for conventional or first time travellers. Ghumau Kya has collected ten beautiful places that are off the beaten path. Read on to find out which places you haven’t heard of yet and don’t miss out on a chance to explore them on your next vacation.

Isola Bella, Italy

Isola Bella, an Italian island in Lago Maggiore, is without a doubt one of the most stunning places on the planet. Almost the entirety of its tiny land is taken up by the majestic Borromeo palace and a multilevel blooming garden with grottos, terraces, and fountains. You can also see royal white peacocks walking slowly around the yard.

Popeye Village, Malta

Made up of small wooden houses constructed primarily for the shooting of the Popeye musical in 1980s, the Popeye Village nowadays is a spa with an amusement park, bay cruises, and breathtaking views.

Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan

This massive burning crater has a diameter of 60 meters and a depth of 20 meters. Locals refer to this location as “the door to hell.” Geologists once found a cave with massive natural gas deposits by mistake. The gas was burnt to prevent toxic effects on humans and animals. The fire was meant to burn for a few days, but it has lasted 45 years. It’s all very fantastical.

Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

Setenil de las Bodegas, a small town in the south of Spain, has been located in a rock in the south of Spain for eight centuries. Also known as “town under the rocks” by the locals, its houses are made up of massive basalt rocks which shield the residents from the sweltering heat and wind. You feel like a tiny speck in the cosmos when you’re in this magnificent mountainous environment.

Huacachina, Peru

Situated about a 5 hours’ drive from Peru’s capital, Lima, Huacachina is an oasis town located in the middle of a vast desert. Believe it or not, only 200 people live there. With so few inhabitants, you can isolate yourself from the rest of the world in this tiny town of beauty and peace.

Lake Hillier, Australia

Imagine sand beaches surrounded by eucalyptus trees on the world’s pinkest lake! Middle Island, in Australia’s south-west region, is home to Lake Hillier. There is no other way to get there except by flight. Believe it or not, the location remains pink all year! The area was thought to be pink because of seaweeds and microorganisms, but no studies or experiments have confirmed this theory.

Playa del Amor, Mexico

A secret beach lost in the depths of the Marieta Islands in Mexico, having pure, azure water and lots of fauna to admire. You can get to this solitary paradise only by water. Once there, you wouldn’t want to leave.

The Marble Caves, Chile

The Marble Caves are on a peninsula in Chile’s General Carrera Lake. This breathtaking network of caves has been carefully and patiently created by water for thousands of years. These swirling marble walls are absolutely stunning.

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

Located in a gorge on the border between Colombia and Ecuador, this neo-Gothic building and its interiors are fascinating! The church rises 45 meters above the river between rocks and waterfalls.

Doodhpathri, India

Considered one of the most beautiful meadows in India, this tourist destination is easily one of the finest hidden gems of Kashmir. For postcard-worthy photos, lush green landscape, and adorable sheep in the background, a visit here is mandatory.


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