Amid the chaos of Covid-19, the Maldives has announced they will start vaccinating tourists in the future. With the tourism industry going in a downward spiral, Maldives is trying to lure visitors with the promise of vaccinating them. They aim to attract more tourists and fulfil their 1.5 million arrival goals in 2021 by implementing a “3V” program.

Visit, Vaccinate, and Vacation.

Once the country gets vaccinated, the 3V program will come into effect. Currently, 90% of their tourism frontline workers have been vaccinated with the first dose and once all of them have been vaccinated, not just once but twice like required, Maldives will start accepting visitors into its visit vaccination initiative.

The main idea of tourism being open is to provide safe travel with minimum inconvenience. So, if once is planning a visit, it would become convenient to fly there and then get vaccinated. And if one plans to stay several weeks in the island nation, they can avail of two doses of Covid-19 vaccine. Currently, nearly 3.5 lac tourists have visited the Maldives, and most of them have been from India. A handful of Bollywood celebrities like Sara Ali Khan and Kajal Agarwal have all vacationed in the Maldives amid the pandemic.

With the 3V program, the Maldives hopes to boost its tourism and attract visitors this year, gearing up to the ultimate tourist destination in Asia.

If you are interested in visiting the Maldives, here’s everything you need to know about the nation.


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