With over 10,000 fresh cases and 3000 fatalities in covid-19 cases, the Rajasthan government has announced a 15-day lockdown in the state from today to May 3, 2021. The term for this lockdown is “Jan Anushasan Pakhwada” which means “public discipline fortnight”.

Under the rules of this lockdown, offices, markets, theatres, parks and coaching institutes will require to be closed till May 3. Only those shops that sell essential items can remain open. Groceries will be available till 7 pm and restaurants are permitted home deliveries till 8 pm. For weddings and private functions occurring in the duration of this new lockdown, only 50 guests are allowed in such gatherings.

It is also best to remember that those wishing to travel to Rajasthan during this time are required to show to the authorities a negative RT-PCR report that must be done 72 hours prior to the date of travel.

These strict rules came into effect due to people getting negligent in their precautions, which is a matter of serious concern. To deal with the rapidly spreading second wave of the coronavirus, certain protocols should be followed and awareness must be created among the public.




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