A treasure trove of wonderful, detailed architecture, Gujarat is a state that flaunts its vibrant heritage with each passing second. The state is bestowed with inspiring culture and overwhelming history, coupled with architecture that will move you from within. People come from all over to admire these monuments and museums, to immerse themselves in their rich history and learn about the past that shaped us. So if you’re a history buff and you enjoy looking at old buildings and forts, here’s a list of places you can visit on your next vacation.

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Kera, Bhuj

A historical town in Gujarat consisting of the ruins of an old fort, a Shiva temple, and the shrine of Muslim Saint Ghulam Ali.

Champaner – Pavagadh

Take a look at Gujarat’s lost capital, also known as the University of Architecture, one of the best examples of secular India, given the fascinating blend of Mughal and Hindu style monuments at Champaner.

Lakhota Palace and Museum, Jamnagar

Lakhota Palace in Jamnagar is a beautiful palace built in the middle of Lakhota Lake. It was originally designed as a fortress to thwart attacks of enemy soldiers but is now a museum with lovely antiquities on display.

Bhujiyo Kotho, Jamnagar

Bhujiyo Kotho is a well-known landmark in Jamnagar. This impressive yet crumbling tower overlooks Ranmal Lake. Bhujiyo Kotho was said to be the entrance to a secret passage from Jamnagar to Bhuj. The story is intriguing, even if it’s not true.

Uparkot, Junagadh

Uparkot caves, also Uperkot caves, are ancient man-made caverns. The caves are a part of the Junagadh Buddhist Cave Groups situated in the eastern part of Junagadh.

Lakhpat, Northwest Kutch

The walled fort at Lakhpat was built in the 18th century and is the highlight of this place. One can climb the fort rampart and look over at the calm sea. This spot is particularly stunning at sunset.

Laxmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara

One of the most famous historical places in Gujarat, Laxmi Vilas Palace serves as the residence for Vadodara’s royal family. The palace is four times bigger than London’s Buckingham Palace and many movies have been shot here.

Dholavira, Kutch

An unmissable tourist attraction, Dholavira is a 4500-year-old excavation site and one of the most famous heritage sites in Gujarat. It has some of the world’s earliest signboards and important relics.

Rani Ki Vav

This stepwell in the town of Patan was originally built as a memorial but has evolved over time into a tourist destination. Its construction reflects the ability and mastery of the craftsmen who built it with complex techniques and beautiful details.

Prag Mahal, Bhuj

Prag Mahal is truly an architectural wonder that showcases Gothic style windows and Corinthian pillars. There is a museum inside the palace and archives holding historical importance. Fun fact: scenes from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam were shot here.

Bhadra Fort and Teen Darwaza

Offering one of the best scenic views in Ahmedabad, Bhadra Fort showcases intricate carvings, frescos, and latticework, and the peaceful ambiance enhances the beauty of this site. The heritage and history of this place dates back to the 15th century.

Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest

Polo forest is beautiful and magical. The forest has ruins of several 15th-century Hindu and Jain temples such as Sharneshwar Shiva temple, Sadevant Savlinga na Dera, Surya Mandir and Lakhena na Dera.

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