Street Travels is all about sharing stories of exceptional people while travelling across the country. Ghumau Kya went on a tour of Gujarat’s fastest growing city, Surat, and came across some great hidden gems, stories that inspired us and gave us hope.


Jayshankar’s Lassi is said to be the most famous lassi served in Surat, Gujarat, for the past three generations. The family has been in business since Gandhiji’s era and has brought all kinds of innovations in their recipes. There’s no going back once you taste the magic that’s in Jay Shankar Lassi.


She moved from Assam to Surat and her climb to the top was filled with struggles. Having to sell momos for free for almost two years, Momo Aunty’s main goal was to introduce authentic momos and its innovations to the people of Surat. Hearing her story, you realize that what they say is true: try and try till you succeed.


This is the story of Rajkumar Kachoriwala in Surat who feeds a family of eight with his kachori stall.

The uncompromised quality and taste of his kachoris make him a popular kachoriwala on Clock Tower Road, Bhagal, Surat. He sells almost 250 to 300 kachoris every day in the span of just five hours.


This is one of the most famous establishments in Surat for foodies. Located in the heart of the city, the convenient location makes it easier for people to make regular trips to Jay Jalaram Dana Chana. The owner has been in this business for the last 30 years and his struggle has finally paid off. The place has a huge menu and everything here is delicious.

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