“I’ll be there for you…”

FRIENDS, the ever popular TV show, has always been with us. Through tough teenage years, messy breakups, and the unavoidable ups and downs of life. It has made us laugh and it has made us cry… and now with the reunion imminent, we have some fantastic news for all FRIENDS superfans.

Booking.com and Superfly are hosting a special once-in-a-lifetime experience where you can spend the night on the Friends set! What? That’s amazing! If you are lucky to be chosen in this special event, you can actually book a stay at the fully recreated sets of the FRIENDS apartments for just $19.94 per night!

They offer you a custom-designed tour where you can witness the original props (remember Candler’s foosball table?) and costumes from the show, have an ultimate sleepover with your friends, reminisce the best parts of FRIENDS series, and get a totally interactive experience where you can also visit the recreated Central Perk and order a piping hot cup of coffee.

With lockdown restrictions getting lifted and mass vaccination drive taking place in New York City, this is your chance to book an overnight stay in NYC.

Go to Booking.com and book an overnight stay on May 23 in honour of the year FRIENDS premiered. Relive the wonder of that show and that era once again…


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