The Covid-19 pandemic has touched the lives of every human on earth in some way or the other. It has managed to alter the dynamics of our lifestyles as no other phenomenon could possibly do. Be it our lifestyles, travelling, socializing, working, everything has changed. But the most important change that affects adults the most is the alteration in our working style.

Nowadays, chances are high that you might be working from home and unable to go to the office due to the lockdowns and various travel restrictions in your area. Or you might just be a tad bit more worried about the safety of public commuting and closed working spaces. Such restrictions and personal fears have given rise to the idea of a workation which is slowly gaining popularity since it combines aspects of work as well as vacation in such a manner that not only the employee functions more efficiently in one’s fresh new office but also makes one love the job! One can even take his/her family along with them.

This trend is catching on quite fast and many people are travelling to different places to work without having to go to the same old boring office they were so used to. So, technically, we could define a workation to be a vacation that allows you to work remotely while integrating elements of leisure that let you unwind, relax and, effectively, be more productive. In essence, a workation is taking a break from your usual place of work, but not from the work itself. Think of it as ‘work away from work’.

Here are top 7 beautiful places for setting up a Workation in India.


If you like beaches, Goa is the first spot that springs to mind while planning a holiday in India. Imagine yourself sitting on the beach, working in your casual clothes, with the waves lapping at your feet, a cool wind ruffling your hair, and a glass of your favourite drink in hand. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, what are you waiting for? Several resorts in Goa are offering great deals and discounts for this purpose.


If you prefer to work away from the rush of the city, amidst natural beauty and snow-capped mountains in the distance, Dharamshala is the best place for an efficient and perfect workation. The peace you get here is unmatched and the kindness of the locals makes the place even more inviting.


Bir is a tiny hamlet in Himachal Pradesh that is not as well-known as other towns in the state, but it is growing in popularity as a nice place for a workation. It is also home to the Bir Tibetan Colony and is known as one of the best paragliding sites in India. The quietness you seek while you’re working can be found in Bir for sure.


If you ask us, Udaipur is one of our top favourite cities. The place is rich with cultural heritage, scenic beauty, and a feeling of royalty that is infused within the very walls of the lake city. Working here would be a treat because it’s easy to start your day afresh by waking up to a gorgeous sunrise reflected in Lake Pichola and working against the backdrop of the beautiful Jagmandir.


One of the best places for a weekend getaway in Maharashtra is Panchgani, which is very near to the lovely hill station of Mahabaleshwar. Some of the hotels in Panchgani offer breathtaking views of the Sahyadri Mountains. The weather here is pleasant and typically favourable, so if you’re seeking a nicer area to work at, this may be one of your finest possibilities.


Jibhi is offbeat and enticing, with an unbeatable ambience and some of the most gorgeous sights in Himachal Pradesh. What is more perfect than that? Its location makes it the perfect place to work and relax, combine both in a package that is beneficial to you and your work. Don’t miss out on this hidden gem…


And last but definitely not least, consider working in Coorg, surrounded by aromatic coffee estates. The place is famous among nature lovers and offbeat travel enthusiasts. There are several nature homestays and cheap hotels here that are ideally located in beautiful spots that have wonderful views of the Ghats. Trust us, your everyday stress and frustration will take a backseat when faced against the charm of Coorg.

Things you should consider first before planning a workation:

– Getting uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection

– Cellular connectivity as you may need to be on normal calls also

– Food options whether at your hotel or nearby restaurants

– And most importantly how safe it is to the guidelines and precautions of Covid in mind

That said, when are you planning your workcation tour package? It is, for sure, a unique concept worth experiencing at least once.


Image credits: The Hosteller, Google


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