It is said that travel is a way to broaden your horizons, a way for one to discover themselves and rekindle their spirit.

To be honest, I always took that with a pinch of salt. To me, traveling meant seeing the world and exposing oneself to new cultures and opportunities. It was pretty straightforward. Traveling was equivalent to happiness, that’s all. Nothing more.

It wasn’t until I stayed in Tatsaraasa Resort and Spa that I realised how little I knew about the benefits of travel and exploring new places.

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Tatsaraasa Resort and Spa is in Udaipur, Rajasthan, and it’s a haven for those who seek peace, solace, and a fantastic way to reconnect with nature. The resort, like many resorts of its calibre, has the typical amenities such as a swimming pool, spacious rooms, a great restaurant area, and spa facilities. But what’s unique about Tatsaraasa is its concept to create a connect between its patrons and natural simple living.

The people at the resort not only strive to make your stay comfortable and memorable, but also to shape your perception about rural living by giving you an authentic experience to discover the best that nature has to offer. It takes you back to your roots and that’s what makes Tatsaraasa distinct and exceptional.

One of the things you can indulge in at the resort is a Live Cooking Session where you will witness their skilled chef making a delicious live recipe in front of your very eyes, not in the confines of a kitchen but in the open lawn, by the lake! Another special feature of the resort is its nature walk, followed by a picnic among the mountains.


The experience you get is absolutely breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Something that you will cherish forever and seek time and time again. The rooms are cosy areas of relaxation and warmth, the swimming pool looks like a piano from above, a romantic private dinner can be served in one of the numerous special spots around the lawn, and the food there is to die for! No joke!

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If you’re ever heading for Rajasthan and stop by Udaipur, be sure to check out Tatsaraasa Resort and Spa. Ghumau Kya recommends you stay there for at least 2 nights to fully experience its offerings. That’s how long we stayed there and it was just heavenly.

The video that we have shot of the resort doesn’t do it justice but, at the very least, it will surely give you a fair idea of how amazing the place is.


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