Dubai Tourism, a hub of futuristic charm that reflects the beauty of nightlife, skyscrapers and extravagant lifestyle. Apart from this, it is also an essential destination for practising a number of adventure sports. Skiing in Dubai is one of the most popular ones that offer a once in a lifetime experience to gorge on with your loved ones. The sport is practised in the highest peaks that receive heavy snowfall and makes it the ideal spots to practise the sport. However, as Dubai is a desert area, hence it does not have any peak to experience the adventure sport. This is why it brings along an indoor resort that offers skiing and lets individuals experience a real-life feeling while enjoying skiing and a wide range of other activities.

Best Time For Skiing In Dubai

Dubai is particularly a hot tropical season and is typically hot throughout the year. However, for individuals who wish to experience skiing in Dubai, you need to visit the place in the winter months, especially in the months of November to February. However, as skiing in Dubai is typically practised in an indoor structure, hence you can visit it anytime to experience the ice adventure sport.

For individuals seeking to explore the city around, it is recommended to visit during the months of November to February, as the weather at this time is considerably pleasant as compared to the rest of the year. January is considered to be the coldest month and a pleasant time to explore with the temperature being 24 degrees C in the day time and 14 degrees C during the night.

1. Find The Best Skiing Spot 

While you sweat in the scorching heat of Dubai, the only place that can offer you relief is at Ski Dubai, an indoor resort that offers a diverse range of adventure activities. Being the first-ever indoor ski resort of the Middle East, Ski Dubai is a part of Ski Resort located at Sheikh Zayed Road.

Among the various activities offered, skiing is one of them that can be enjoyed to avail a real-life experience of what the sport feels like. It is no less than experiencing a real-life moment of skiing. Located in the Dubai Mall, the resort is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist spots for visitors all across the world. It bridges the gap between dessert and hills by offering infrastructure that is par excellence.

2. What To Wear

While visiting Ski Dubai, it is important to equip yourself with varied necessary equipment and gears. A sports shop located nearby offers all the necessary essentials required for making your skiing experience a worthwhile one. A few warm clothes must be bought to keep yourself warm and cosy such as gloves and hats. You can also carry a pair of your own gloves and hats if you are not comfortable renting or buying.

Alongside, it is a must to wear a full-sleeved shirt while wearing your own pair of socks to be comfortable while indulging in this fun-filled activity. If you are not wearing a pair of your own socks, you might need to get it from the resort that will eventually land you up in uncomfortable and oversized socks that are of free size. You can collect black boots at the site that will help you to walk comfortably in the snow. Be sure that you offer the perfect size and weight in order to get the ideal boot size.

3. Check The Paraphernalia

While you will be given ski equipment and hardboard, remember to do a quality check before entering the skiing arena. In addition to this, visitors will also be provided with a locker room that will benefit them to store all essentials in a secured manner. While visiting the Ski Resort, it is recommended that you carry as few things as possible which would help you to stay hassle-free and relaxed.

4. Make Sure You’re Visiting On The Right Time

It is also essential to consider that the timing might vary during festive seasons. Individuals who wish to encounter the penguins, the best time to visit is during the time span of 12-9 pm. Although most of the rides are available all throughout the day, however, some of the rides are available for a specific timing which needs to be checked at the entrance.

5. Take Note Of Minimum Age Limit

There is an age limit specified for individuals to ski in Ski Dubai Snow Park. Children above three can participate in the activity, with no maximum age limit.

6. Look For Ski School In Ski Dubai

Ski School is open for a wide range of individuals all across the world to learn the adventure sport under professionals. Irrespective whether you are fresh to slopes, or a pro, you will find the class ideally suited for a wide range of abilities. The lessons can be undertaken by children as young as three and experience true magic in real terms.

Offering professional snowboard and ski lessons from the best professionals in the world, the lessons are worth taking. It employs some of the world’s leading ski professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of the sport to impart the lesson with ease.

For experienced visitors, the school offers a resourceful hub for individuals to brush up the existing skills of skiing. Thus, the school is not only available for beginners but can also be explored by individuals who already have knowledge of skiing to brush it up and fair well. Along with skiing classes, the school also offers lessons of a varied snow adventure sports that are practised out there such as snowboarding.
Cost of lessons at Ski School: 40$
Duration: 40 minutes

7. Look For Membership If Possible

The basic package charges around INR 3,700/- per adult and INR 3,300/- per child. The charge allows the visitors one time access to the Ski Dubai Snow Park. The resort also offers membership opportunities that are available for one month and three months. These plans are meant to offer reasonable and affordable discounts to regular visitors.


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