Jammu and Kashmir, like every other region, was vastly impacted due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic. But new reports have claimed a surprising increase in footfalls in the snowy northern state in the last month or so. Certain parts of the region have also started receiving snowfall, giving J&K’s tourism industry the boost it required, pushing the destination back up on every tourist’s radar.

With the intent to attract more travellers to the valley, various activities and winter games will be organized across the union territory, including the national winter games which will be hosted at Gulmarg in February 2021 under the Khelo India initiative.

Furthermore, local festivals like the Jammu Cultural Festival and ethnic Dogri Food Festival will also be held in the coming weeks, along with a festival at the famous Patnitop near Jammu. There’s a lot planned for us tourists and it sounds every bit as exciting as it’s going to be.

Jammu and Kashmir’s Tourism, Culture and Youth Services Secretary, Mr. Sarmad Hafiz, said, “We are trying to link tourism with culture so that the people coming here can have a good local experience during their stay.”

He went on to say that none of the other states have taken similar steps to boost tourism in their region in such a way and that the tourist numbers from the last month have been motivating, with the valley receiving 15 times more arrivals via air than it did in the last few weeks.

Speaking with respect to facilitating the easy screening of guests arriving within the region, including testing for COVID-19, he opined that these measures are fundamental for the safety and security of everyone.

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