Without a doubt, Daman is one of the top weekend getaway destinations for Gujaratis. It’s nearby, it’s affordable, and more importantly, it has bars and non-vegetarian food available at every street corner. For the people of the dry state of Gujarat, the place is like a home away from home. The well-preserved Portuguese heritage forts, beaches, food, and churches make it a great place to chill and loosen up.

The territory is divided into two parts: NANI DAMAN and MOTI DAMAN.

Since the place has a lot of spots to attract your soul, you should plan your trip accordingly, so that you don’t miss out on any wonderful must-see locations.

Start your day by soaking some sun at St. Jerome Fort which opens precisely at 8 am. Walk the length of the 17th-century fort with Portuguese charm, situated right across the famous Lighthouse of Moti Daman. Pay your respects at the old church in the premises of the fort and don’t forget to click some pictures that give you vintage feels.

While you are in Nani Daman, why not visit another exotic location which is not too far from the fort?

The next location you can head to is MIRASOL LAKE RESORT, which is close to DEVKA BEACH.

Daman is all about beaches and salty air and gentle breeze rifling through your hair. Take a stop at Devka Beach and then proceed to Mirasol Resort for an experience even greater: a lovely boat ride amid the greenery and colourful flowers. An open sky, shining with sun rays, reflecting on the water and making it golden and imagine yourself in the middle of the water in the boat, witnessing the beauty around you.

So, yes! Don’t miss the boating.

Now, roaming in Nani Daman will occupy your half of the day and your stomach will remind you that it needs to be fed.

Daman is a food paradise for all non-vegetarians and seafood lovers. We suggest you head to NANA’s RESTAURANT and try their scrumptious Paneer Irani Tikka, Dhara fish, Veg Ching Pong and chef’s special Paneer Riyaza. Have a glass of refreshing Fruit Punch to clear your palate and end your meal.

If you think all these recipes will make for a heavy lunch, think again. You’ll want to eat everything once you get a single taste of Nana’s Restaurant food. Daman is famous not just for its heritage but also its food, so you shouldn’t miss it.

Now let’s give you some more heritage feels by making our way to MOTI DAMAN.

The Lighthouse visible across the jetty from St. Jerome Fort is here in Moti Daman. Get the magnificent view of sunset by freezing some time here at this place.

End your day with a delightful scenic view of the sea at the Jampore beach. Sit there, munch on some bhel and sip on cool coconut water while you relish the moment in your head and taste on your tongue.

This is what you call a perfect well-spent day in Daman.


Check out the amazing video here: Places to visit in Daman


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