The officials of Greece have recently confirmed that the country will reopen its borders to visitors starting 14th May.

Stating that “the whole country is safe,” they have outlined certain measures that will be implemented to ensure complete safety from the coronavirus.

The Greek plan has five ‘lines of defense’ to receive foreign tourists without putting them or local residents in danger: These lines of defense include tourists’ providing vaccination or negative test certificates, random checking system at borders and airports, quarantine hotels for the isolation of any visitors with the virus, the vaccination of tourism professionals, and strict adherence to health protocols.

The vaccination of tourism professionals will apparently begin immediately after the most vulnerable citizens have been inoculated.

Greece officials stressed that the rules that apply to Greek citizens apply in their entirety, without exception, to visitors from abroad.

Bringing tourism back is essential to Greece’s economic bottom line. Many cities and towns in the southeastern European nation rely on the money spent by visitors, and the effects of the year-long pandemic have been incredibly harmful to many local businesses. It’s for this reason that majority of Greeks are in favour of reopening the country. The news will bolster bookings, with tour operators and hotels in Greece already reporting a surge in enquiries in the recent weeks.


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