Looking to travel to a foreign country but tired of watching your wallet all the time?

Well, here are 6 Asian countries that will make you feel like a millionaire when you’re travelling. No more concerns about exchange rates. Roam like the elite in these six beautiful countries without burning a hole in your pocket.


Vietnam is a beautiful country where you can experience gorgeous sunsets and breathtaking landscapes. And lucky for us, it’s dirt cheap. 1 INR is equivalent to 314.56 Vietnamese Dong. What? That’s awesome!


Azure seas and absolutely gorgeous hotels await you in the beach city of Bali. What’s more, Indonesia offers free visa on arrival for Indians. 1 INR is equivalent to 195 Indonesian Rupaiah. Pretty great, right? Stay in private pool villas and enjoy good food for more than half of what you would usually pay for boarding and lodging.


Another wonderful destination and a hidden gem of South East Asia. 1 INR is equivalent to 128.6 Laos Kip.


Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are all neighbours. Cambodia is a nature whose landscape spans low-lying plans, towering mountains, and a beautiful coastline. 1 INR is equivalent to 55.4 Cambodian Riel.


This beautiful country is dotted with thousands of Buddhist temples and serene white beaches. Although we have been told to expect higher prices here compared to other places, Myanmar’s exchange rate is also low. 1 INR is equivalent to 21.22 Myanmar Kyat.

South Korea

Visit the beautiful Diamond Bridge at night or check out the majestic King Sejong Statue. South Korea is a makeup capital and K Pop hub! 1 INR is equivalent to 15.53 South Korean Won.




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