The words ‘Vaccine Tourism’ have now become commonplace in this era of Covid-19. Maldives was the first to announce it would offer a jab to visiting tourists. Soon, several other places and even tourist attractions (like Bran Castle in Romania) started offering to vaccinate its visitors to boost sales. A shot combined with a holiday package encourages vaccine seekers to book flights, relax at resorts, eat and shop. And if tourists decide to stay for both the shots, it only translates to more money into the economy.

In sight of this, Russia is now accepting visa applications at all its Indian centres and its new program may allow Indians to travel to Russia for vaccine tourism. A survey shows that Russia is the most trusted producer of vaccine and Sputnik V has been saving lives in 50+ countries around the world.

Although there have been reports that Russia’s Sputnik V vaccination could be at the centre of a tourism programme starting this July, the Russian government has not officially given the green signal for tourists to fly in for the jab.

Meanwhile, a Norwegian company called World Visitor is offering packages to fly to Moscow and stay in a luxury wellness resort, receiving a dose at the beginning and end of your trip. Alternatively, one can also choose a package that lets them stay in a spa hotel in Turkey in between the two vaccine doses.

We’ve got nothing to do but wait for more updates on the same…


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