There’s a new attraction making a splash in Dubai. The Address Beach Resort is now home to the very best and highest outdoor infinity pool in a building, according to Guinness World Records. Named in March as the world’s tallest infinity pool inside a building, the rooftop bathing spot at the newly opened Address Beach Resort is a vertiginous 964 feet. Sitting on the hotel’s 77th floor, the massive pool is about 311 feet long and 54 feet wide — almost double the size of an Olympic-sized pool.

The place offers spellbinding views of the city and guests can relax and soak up the stunning views of the Jumeirah Beach from this gorgeous infinity pool.

Impressive as this is, it’s not even the only Guinness World Record held by the resort. It’s a little harder to get into the Address Beach Resort infinity pool, though — you have to be a resident of the $1.4 million apartments.


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